Budget and timeline for web development

Discussion about the budget and timing. 21 century. The future is today. And already today business is swiftly absorbing digital space. For automation, competitiveness and communication with your audience. Accuracy in choosing a niche, measuring digital metrics, scalability and long-term planning makes the digital-future increasingly


Web development. Chek list for clients.

This article is aimed primarily at our customers and all those who want to create their own website, and decided to use the services of a web studio. And here is the first point, why is it worth choosing exactly the creation of a site on a turnkey basis? Because it is the most profitable and convenient service primarily for the customer, who, after signing the contract and the terms of reference and a certain waiting period, receives a ready site. But do not think that everything is so simple.


5 Common Mistakes Made In Converting Websites

Why do you lose your money while you are not involving in work of your website? When you are trying to launch a new project you are so enthusiastic and full of energy to implement everything by yourself. But how much time you really going to spend on implementation of all tasks? 24 hours a day? Don?t think so. Lets take the time to sleep. Time to take a brake for lunch, answers to calls, social networks, checking email etc.


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