How much does a website cost

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Create a website today anyone can. But how much would it cost to create a website that will be effective? Which will work for you and grow your business? In the article we will list the types of sites and indicate the price range of their development.

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The best way to illustrate the budget of the creation of the project ? to identify General types of sites and describe them.

The estimates are based on our experience of creating websites: from landing pages for $ ... to difficult-functional sites for $ .... (and I hope it is not the duty is the limit / at the moment)

To make this easier, in all these examples, we will assume that the client will provide the following assets and we will perform the following tasks:

To ensure that the cost was clear, we also assume the format of hourly average pay $15/hour.

The list of types of sites: what type of website You need?

One-page site, Landing page or online business Card

how much is the site in 2017

It's a website consisting of one page, which is also called ?the landing ?, as all visitors will land on it. Though in the depth of the landing page will go nowhere, but down on such sites typically is, where carousing. And content are often quite. I would the sites called "niche", since, as a rule, they are highly specialized and their benchmark is the target to purchase the product, fill out a form, register for an offer to download file or call the number.

Of course, all the contents of the site also tells you ? "do it."

The cost of this kind of site can range from $ 500 - $ 2 000 + depending on the scope of the project. Projects that are clearly defined from the start, usually located at the bottom of the range. Sites that require a lot of strategy and analysis will cost more ? even if they are only one page long.

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