5 sites that will inspire you to create an e commerce project

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Creating an e-Commerce site is hard work. Today it can become for you a little easier. When both large and small companies. Share with you the platform for e-Commerce, which will help to build the basic elements of building an online store for its launch in the online space.

Below are 5 e-Commerce sites, working with Shopify is a special software for online stores.

The website has a library of custom templates ? they make it easy to create beautiful and engaging online shopping.

Here are 5 examples that rushed us in the eye. So read on for some top web design...

1. Simply Chocolate

Simply Chocolate is a chocolate company originally from Denmark, Copenhagen. Bright and cheerful website design gave each product on a screen. In this scale, the chocolates look even more appetizing. So on an empty stomach should not watch it :)

First try prakruti down the page, and then click on the product itself. Parallax effect while scrolling down will cause the chocolate to float above the background, to unfold and break into pieces.

Organic look and ingredients of each screen ? sliced coconut, almonds, mint leaves ? gently enliven the background. These effects work here, because there are only a few information for display.

2. Kvell

Kvell is a modern brand of home products with its headquarters in Canada and is a truly beautiful site. And considered in detail. Note, for example, the menu button.

On the home page, each range is shown on the user navigation by clicking on the horizontal scroll bar.

They also can dive in to explore each range in more detail (navigation at this point is switched to vertical, but the style remains the same). Bright colors, bold typography and balanced product shots used throughout make this collection a joy to explore.

3. Drybar

This site is for lovers of mikroangiopatii. Tiny-drawn icons add fun to the touch.

Great colors paired with subtle animation gives the website style and personality. Hover the mouse on a little dryer and he jumps up on the cord; hover the mouse cursor over the icons at the top and a tiny animation gives you feedback.

All interaction with the site gives the mood and the fun, how to make a website fun to use without being excessive or annoying.

4. Northernism

Minimalist design makes this website for the unpretentious user

This website creates a fresh look, moving away from installed templates, ecommerce design, placement of images and text on the grid, which feels much less familiar.

There are a lot of white space and each page contains a few simple images, which makes it seem much less busy than most web pages.

5. The Practical Man

Practical interface for the practical man

Block layout, bold type and strong color palette give this site is for retailers of men's sportswear special, memorable style.

Unlike many e-Commerce sites where unusual aesthetics is limited to the home page, the design is consistent across all information on the individual product pages are divided into specific grid (price, color, size, visibility and so on).

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